What I Carry In My Diaper Bag (Potty Training Toddler Edition)

Top 10 Things I Must Have in My Bag



1. Clean outfit

Your toddler will have an accident. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. So I always keep a clean, comfy change of clothes. This includes socks! If they have an accident, most likely it will get in their shoes. (Not pictured is the pair of extra shoes I keep in my car.)

2. Portable potty seat

This little gadget is our portable potty seat. It is a LIFESAVER. No more trying to figure out how to sit my 2 year old on public toilets. Plus, it folds up so compactly! It’s amazing. I will leave a link under the picture to the exact one I have.



It even comes with a bag to carry it in.









3. A gallon zip-lock bag

I use a zip-lock bag to carry the extra outfit and undies in. It keeps them all together then I use it to put the dirty clothes in.

4. Wipes

I mean, wipes. Right moms? We use them for everything. Dirty hands, wipes. Changing a diaper, wipes. Need to clean up a mess, wipes.

5. Diapers

Let’s be real. After a potty accident, or two, while out in about is more than enough. So after the second accident I usually just toss a diaper on my son. (No judging, this is a safe place for moms!)

6. Clorox wipes

I use these like crazy when my little guy needs to use the restroom in public. I give surfaces he will be touching a quick wipe down. Especially during the fall and winter, flu season. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Snacks, snacks, snacks. I need’em, he needs’em, we all need’em.

8. Portable charger.

Sometimes when I’m out and about I work from my phone. (Gotta love being a mommy blogger) My phones is running low, I pull out my handy dandy little portable charger.

9. Extras

My 2 year old has very long hair. I like to keep a fold up brush (I got mine from Dollar Tree) and hair ties. I also keep lotion, mostly for myself, but sometimes my boys want some too. Not pictured are well, tampons for obvious reasons.

and last but not least…

10. Extra undies

Of course if you have a potty training toddler you’re going to need extra undies! I keep two pair just in case.

And there you have it mamas, my top 10 absolute must haves for my bag. I also keep a small thing of hand sanitizer on my bag but as you can see I’m currently out. #momfail I love my bag because it is a backpack/purse. Who has extra hands to carry things? Not me, I have two boy’s hands I have to hold. I’d love to hear from some mamas. Leave some comments down below of your must haves for your toddlers.


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